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Our Freddie Juniors Programme

Our unique Freddie Juniors Programme is for 5-7 year olds and is designed to impart all facets of cricket to those in their formative years.  It adopts a holistic approach, introducing younger children to cricket in a free and relaxed learning process in a fun-filled environment.

The programme is tailored to this specific age group, grounding participants in the fundamentals of cricket, developing hand-eye, motor, ball and practical playing skills in a way that is transferable to a multi-sport context.  The bottom line is to foster an enjoyment in sports activity.

Given the age group of the participants, extreme vigilance must be, and is, ensured. Our fully-qualified coaches work on a 1:8 coach to child ratio and are sensitive to the needs of those in their care. In such an environment, coaches are able to give each child special attention with the aim of developing latent inherent talents.

Daily programmes are drawn up in a timetable that ensures a careful balance of physical exercise and rest/recuperation with carefully chosen breaks throughout the day. And, while these children will have some contact with the hard cricket ball, this will be restricted to bowling and catching (not receiving with the bat at the crease), taking place under the individual supervision of a coach - and in no way dangerous.   

Freddie Juniors is well aware that children of this age group need down time from the core cricket activity and this is an elemental part of the programme. Carefully chosen - and at all times supervised – games/activities are used to maintain the focus on the core activity by capturing the child’s imagination through additional physical and mental activity.  At the same time this encourages teamwork, creativity and decision-making, allowing participants to develop new skills while ensuring lots of fun in the process.  

As part of the curriculum for this age group we understand the need to develop other areas and as such we include arts and crafts sessions, and other developmental games to help improve social skills and self expression as appropriate.

If our coaches identify individuals who demonstrate a high level of ability, we will ensure they are moved to a group, which will match and challenge their ability.

The Programme follows the guidelines of international research into the targets and limits of physical activities of children in these nascent sporting years.  The approach is totally professional.

The underlying principle is that the Freddie Juniors Programme promotes in children teamwork, creativity and allows them to learn new skills and have bags of fun in the process.