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The Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy

AFCA Equipment 

At the Academy we are delighted to have quality and loyal partners to provide excellent facilities and equipment.

Our host venues provide the perfect canvas for cricketing development in a safe environment. We choose our venues with care so that they reflect the inspirational nature of our Academy.

We are very grateful to Surridge, PUMA, Flicx and Owzat-Cricket who all work closely with us to ensure that each Academy is well equipped with playing equipment and coaching aids.

One of our most loved Coaching Aids we use extensively is the Crazy Catch and we also run a Crazy Catch 'One Minute Challenge' competition as part of Freddie’s Challenges. This epitomises the Academy as it aids skills development and is a lot of fun too!

The Crazy Catch net is a rebound net with a difference, one side comes back to you as you would expect and the other rebounds at different speeds and angles.

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"Cricket has given me so much, and I want to pass on my
passion of the game to as many youngsters as I can."
Andrew Flintoff