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The Andrew Flintoff Cricket AcademyFreddie's Welcome

Welcome to my Cricket Academy. I am very proud to be able to pass on my training methods and beliefs about playing cricket.

Cricket has given me so much and my Academy is the perfect way for me to pass on the passion and love that I have for the game.

I was lucky in my career to play in some teams that enjoyed playing cricket. Creating an enjoyable environment is so important to enhance learning and this is what my Academy is based on. We look to balance fun with exciting and attacking cricket and a special emphasis on developing core skills for a future in the game.

The Academy is also about participation. If we help to create a Test or IPL player in the future then great but I take as much joy in seeing a player in 10 years time playing 4th XI on a weekend. As long as they enjoy cricket that is what counts. Success is often measured in statistics or trophies. I like to measure it in smiles.

When my career was taking off I became labelled but I never wanted to become Ian Botham the second, I wanted to become Andrew Flintoff the first. Through my Academy I hope to empower young cricketers to deal with challenges with a positive attitude and with personal determination both on and off the cricket field.

My thanks extend to all our partners who we work with who help to bring the Academy to new and existing cricketers.

I try to visit every Academy I can and I look forward to meeting players, coaches and parents at venues across the country in 2016.


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"Cricket has given me so much, and I want to pass on my
passion of the game to as many youngsters as I can."
Andrew Flintoff